Andrews Endowed Church of England Primary School

Headteacher Maria Lloyd finds The Key to be invaluable, saying that it delivers everything it says it will – an unusual experience these days.

Maria Lloyd, headteacher of Andrews Endowed Church of England Primary School said: “It’s been superb for reviewing our policy documents. This is one of my long-term projects. The Key is so much better than Google for finding information because it cuts out all the low quality examples and repeated information. But the articles on The Key’s website still include enough examples to give you a broad range of perspectives.

“It was great to be able to park my query with The Key on a Friday afternoon and know that I’d get a full answer back on the following week.

“I have managed to negotiate a reduced rate for my cluster group through a group price deal. I was so impressed with The Key that I recommended it to my fellow heads and we agreed to go for a deal together.

“We’re lucky enough to still have quite comprehensive support from our local authority, but I like to use The Key as well as their resources because it gives a national instead of a local perspective.

“I find The Key’s website really logical and easy to navigate to find the information that I need.