The Blyth Schools Partnership

Working for the five schools in The Blyth Schools Partnership, Diane Houghton has her hands full.

Diane Houghton, HR and Operations Manager at The Blyth Schools Partnership said: “I’m responsible for strategic operations across the partnership including HR, premises management, ensuring we get value for money, and helping the five schools collaborate together effectively. I’ve found The Key to be excellent; really, really helpful.

“Northumberland County Council is currently implementing a single status agreement for all council staff, including support staff in schools.

“The Key saves you an awful lot of time. It gives you a variety of perspectives and three or four different examples so that you can read quickly around a topic.

“But because school staff have very different roles to staff working within the council, some of the job descriptions suggested by the council didn’t match what happens here. I used The Key to find sample job descriptions and person specifications to help with the process. The new job descriptions and person specifications have now been submitted for job evaluation and some of them may well end up as exemplars for schools to use across the County.

“One size doesn’t fit all and with a range of examples, you can decide which bits to use and which bits to leave, according to what you need.”