St Matthews CofE Primary School

As soon as she was in post, new head, Heather Lacey, signed up to The Key so that she could access the service.

Heather Lacey, Headteacher at St Matthews CofE Primary School, Leeds said: “I’d used The Key before in my previous school, so I knew what it was and what I could use it for.

“If I didn’t have The Key it would take me hours and hours to find everything I need. But I can just go onto The Key’s website and you can almost guarantee that what you need is there.

“My deputy and I use it to find ideas and models that we can adapt for our own use.

“I can find the essentials such as example policies and job descriptions really easily and quickly. I have also used it to get advice and information about behaviour and SEN issues which we have then developed and personalised for our own school.

“I also use it to discover ideas which aren’t a necessity now, but are ‘maybes’ for the future.

“An example of how The Key has really had an impact is when in my previous school I used The Key to find information and funding on behalf of a teaching assistant. She wanted to train for qualified teacher status. Happily she managed to secure funding and is now busy studying for her new career.”

Heather Lacey, Headteacher St Matthews CofE Primary School, Leeds