Millbrook Primary School

After a six-month struggle to interpret the guidelines and government requirements when setting up a pre-school, headteacher Clare Griffin-Felton asked The Key for help. She received clear guidance and was able to move forward confidently with the project.

Clare Griffin-Felton, headteacher of Millbrook Primary School, said: “The guidelines from the then DCSF, local authority, Ofsted etc. all seemed to contradict each other. There was no clear way through.

“The Key really helped us by unpicking the legal jargon. And we didn’t have to wade through all those documents to try to understand what we needed to do.

“We got to a point where we finally felt confident that we’d covered everything and it was legitimate to move forwards.

“The pre-school opened just after Easter this year. It’s a 20-place pre-school, and we hope to expand to 40 places in September.

“We’ve paved the way for other schools in Swindon to do the same, now that we know the way through the legislation.

“For me the benefit of using The Key is that the time saved far outweighs the cost of the service. It’s not just for me; my whole leadership team uses it.

“Another time we were trying to find out what was meant by ‘bandings’ on the Self-Evaluation Form (SEF). I asked The Key and within a day or two an exact definition was provided.

“I’d asked other schools, but everyone was muddling through and didn’t really know what it meant. Now it’s done, dusted, and we can move on. It’s great!”