The Potterhanworth Church of England Primary School

The Key is brilliant and we use it all the time. A couple of years ago I was persuaded by another school (I knew it was the wrong decision) to go with another information provider, just  because it was cheaper. It was a false economy, we soon got fed up,  jumped ship and came back to The Key.

With The Key we really trust the accuracy of the answers. It’s clear that the staff at The Key properly quality assure the information and use trusted sources, such as the Department of Education. We didn’t have the same peace of mind with the other provider.

Also we found that the cheaper alternative wasn’t as easy to use or find what we needed. The search function was not precise enough, it  was like just doing a general Google search. I would have to trawl through pages of search results  – it made me lose the will to live!

Praise where praise is due, you have never let us down.

With The Key we find we hit that search button and 99% of the time it comes up with exactly what we have asked for, or at least a lot more specific search results.

Everything we want, we find, so we are happy. When we are looking for a policy or some advice, I just type it in and it comes up. We have also asked new questions and we have received a tailor-made response. Another thing I value is the responsive service we get from The Key’s staff and the helpful newsletters and email alerts – they are really useful, and help us stay up to date. Often we find they pre-empt what we need.

Although The Key is more expensive, it is actually more cost-effective in the long run. We can make the most of the information on offer and use it effectively and confidently in our day to day work, without having to spend time cross-referencing or checking. Because we don’t have to waste time trawling for information we can focus on more valuable tasks. This adds much needed capacity to the leadership team. We value the time-saving,  peace of mind and quality assurance.

Now we just go to The Key and get what we need first time.