St Thomas More Primary School

Headteacher Dominic Whyte likes to know The Key is there to help get to the bottom of his questions.

Dominic Whyte, headteacher of St Thomas More Primary in Cheltenhamm said: “I keep The Key as my homepage and when issues come up it’s great that it’s there. The website is really easy to use; everything is organised into the categories you need.

“I like that it’s completely independent – the fact that there are no politics behind it is really special… you know that you’ll get a straightforward, impartial answer from The Key.

“I found this with real time reporting. I went on a course, but I still wasn’t clear on how it could be implemented.

“I asked The Key for some ideas and the answer which came back was pretty amazing. It was really clear and helped us to shape our plans going forwards.

“I’ve also used it to help with staffing issues. I like that you get real life examples.

“All of the senior team use the service to research various topics.”