Your festive school toolkit

Use our toolkit to glide through the festive season, equipped with all the resources you need to manage everything - from gifting guides for parents to your staff party playlist.

Seasonal school graphics

Download these ready-made graphics to use on your holiday newsletters, posters and other festive activities.


Your Christmas party soundtrack

Rock around the Christmas tree to the likes of Frank Sinatra, Boney M, and maybe a bit of Justin Bieber (is it too late now to say sorry?)

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Parody carols

A satirical spin on a couple of the classics! Share with your teams and have a good old fashioned sing-along…


If Ofsted inspected Christmas parties

What makes an ‘outstanding’ school Christmas party? Here are some criteria to help you judge your own…


Alcohol at staff parties

Find out what you should consider, how you might fund alcoholic beverages and how other schools approach this issue.

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Seasonally-relevant articles:

Topical content for teachers and school leaders everywhere. This content is usually accessible to members only, but we’ve unlocked it for everyone this festive season:

How to make your holiday celebrations inclusive

How to include pupils from all religious backgrounds, whichever holidays or festivals you're celebrating.

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Holiday gift-giving: template letter to parents

Parents and pupils may wish to give your staff a little something to show their appreciation. Use our template letter to let them know what's appropriate.

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