GovernorHub FAQs

GovernorHub is joining The Key.

Combining content with collaboration tools - together we will provide a powerful support package for schools, governors, trusts and LAs.

Who is GovernorHub and what do they do?

GovernorHub is the leading governor collaboration tool in the country and provides over 70,000 school governors, trustees and clerks with tools to communicate, share documents and access the information they need to support schools.

GovernorHub provides the perfect platform for two vital audiences: an intuitive board management system for governors and clerks, and a powerful tool for local governor services teams to support their governors. GovernorHub provides all the benefits of modern collaboration tools, with the specificity of functions and features designed to support the governance role.


What happens now?

Our two companies will integrate with immediate effect, and we’ll begin work to establish the best opportunities to use our services together to support governors across the country. 

In the long term, we will be working together to develop an improved experience that will pair the know-how and procedural support from The Key, with the dedicated governor board management tools of GovernorHub, to empower effective governance.


Why did you choose to buy GovernorHub?

The Key has been in talks with GovernorHub for some time, as part of our ongoing commitment to empowering leaders in education with the tools and information they need to make a meaningful difference. Together, The Key & GovernorHub will provide an improved experience and powerful support package for governors, LA governor services and trusts.


Where will you be headquartered?

The Key will continue to be headquartered in London and GovernorHub in Norwich. 


How does this affect me and my school?

You shouldn’t see any differences to the valuable products and excellent services you currently receive from either The Key or GovernorHub. 

In a few months, we’ll start to share details of how The Key’s products will work with GovernorHub, to make the combined experience an unbeatable source of governor support for schools, LAs and trusts. 


Do I continue to deal with two points of contact/ two separate invoices? 

For the time being, if you need any support or have any questions, please continue to speak to your individual account managers, at either The Key or GovernorHub. We are working through the best ways to integrate our processes in order to provide you with the best possible service, and we will update you accordingly.


Will we see price increases?

We do not anticipate any immediate price increases. We will strive to deliver more value to the sector by innovating our offer and earning the loyalty of our members. 


Can I get a discounted rate if I buy one of the Key’s products and GovHub?

For now, there are no immediate changes to the products or pricing. We are working together to establish the best ways to integrate the products and our processes, in order to provide the best value and support for governors, and will update you accordingly. 


Will the products be integrated? 

Yes, we’re working on the best ways to integrate the two products in order to provide the best support for governors. Indeed, this was an important reason for bringing the companies together – the experience for governors will be better with the products closely integrated.  You will start to see the products becoming more integrated in the next few months.


How does this impact the services we would usually buy from our LA?

It doesn’t change it all, we have always worked closely with local governor support and clerking teams to make sure governors get the best help, advice and training. Our plan is to build on those partnerships to get the right support to governors and the best possible price.


We’re an LA, what will this do to the services schools usually buy from us?

Provision through LA’s is absolutely our preferred model.  We think they complement what teams can provide locally for training, clerking, advice and statutory services.


Does GovernorHub support MATs?

Yes. In fact, GovernorHub is ideal for MATs. As a collaboration tool, GovernorHub helps academies in the trust to communicate and share information, and makes organising board meetings much simpler. What’s more, as you add academies to your trust, GovernorHub can expand with you, helping you to coordinate your local governing boards as the trust grows. 


We’re an LA, can we put all of your governor services into the governor support package we offer schools?

Yes, provision through LA’s is absolutely our preferred model.  We think they complement what teams can provide locally for training, clerking, advice and statutory services.