The Key Group

The Key Group

The Key Group

The Key Group serves school leaders and trusts across the UK providing authoritative guidance and intuitive tools that support school leadership.

We work across the full diversity of schools and locations, from small rural and coastal primaries to the largest trusts and local authorities in the country.

We recognise that each school and trust is on a journey and school leaders need to identify their specific context, their own path and the next step in that journey.

This process requires more than just shared values in a school, it requires the knowledge, data, context and confidence to bring others with you in effecting change.

That's why we're here. We put the power back in the hands of those leading our schools and trusts, by equipping them with remarkable products & services.

From authoritative guidance you can rely on, to powerful tools that support better ways of working, our services will stop you in your tracks to think - "why on earth didn't we do this before?"

Our focus

The Key Group is home to 4 brands, each the leading provider in its category. Over 300 colleagues deliver our award-winning services and serve 19,000 schools.

The Key is the leading provider of support for schools and trusts. Our whole school approach gives leaders one trusted source to turn to for any challenge, equipping them with highly-accurate, expertly-synthesised and context-rich resources, guidance and CPD.

Designed by governors, for governors who want to feel confident in their role and the work of their board(s). GovernorHub will help you work better, develop your skills and evidence your efforts.

Arbor gives schools the tools they need to work better today and be ready for tomorrow. Used by over 3,800 schools and 350 trusts across the country, it's the fastest-growing school management information system in the UK.

Education Provider 2021 Finalist

ScholarPack is the simple school office MIS that primary schools love to use. Used by 1,700 primary schools, it lightens the load for office staff and makes every day easier.

We are presently organised in two divisions:

Leadership & Governance

Leadership & Governance support encompassing The Key and GovernorHub. We now serve over 100,000 senior leaders and governors in over 12,000 schools.

We handle over 1 millions queries from schools each term and are trusted by school governors to host over 2 millions documents and support 40,000 governor meetings every year.

MIS and Operations

Our MIS division is home to the leading cloud-based MIS providers in the UK. ScholarPack and Arbor are the leading cloud-based MIS providers in the UK, with the UK's highest customer satisfaction ratings and customer retention rates.

You've seen the headlines. Heavy workloads, constant change, admin pressure on teachers and staff at every level… sometimes it feels like this is just part and parcel of school life today. But it doesn't have to be this way.

We believe that there's a better way to work. And it starts by giving everyone the right tools and technology for the job.

The school management information system (MIS) is at the core of a large number of processes in a school from attendance tracking, assessment, parental engagement, staff wellbeing and data management.

We are building the best modern management information systems for schools in the UK - Arbor and ScholarPack now support over 5,000 schools looking after the day to day management of over 1,000,000 pupil records.

Our team

The team consists of over 300 talented educationalists and technologists and spans roles from user experience design, product support and management to site reliability engineering and marketing.

We pride ourselves on bringing the best practices from different sectors and disciplines to the education sector because our goal is to deliver tools that are the benchmark for excellence in any sector.

UK Offices

We have offices in London, Leeds, Norwich, Bristol and Lincoln. We chose to be this distributed with staff embedded in the communities we serve and exposed to the wide variety of contexts that schools are in across the UK. Many roles support hybrid and home working.

Join us

Do you have an idea that should be in over half of the schools in the UK? Can you hand on heart recommend your solution as class-leading to a school leader anywhere in the country? Drop our group CEO a line at [email protected].

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