The focus of ‘outstanding’ schools

The Key
The Key
Ofsted 'Outstanding' schools' interests compared with other schools

Based on Ofsted category as of 1 January 2014

When we look at how schools with different Ofsted ratings use The Key for School Leaders, we see some patterns. One clear difference is how much they use the service. Over spring term 2014, leadership teams in ‘outstanding’ schools on average viewed 40% more articles than those in other schools. These schools also tend to have more of the team signed up – we’re more likely to see their school business managers using the service.

We also see differences in the topics that ‘outstanding’ schools are most interested in. For the graph, I’ve picked out three areas not directly related to teaching and learning where leadership teams in these schools have viewed more articles.

Why do these school leaders focus more of their attention on topics such as equality, accessibility and inclusion and pupil health and wellbeing? Is it because these schools are not so worried about achieving high standards? Or is the focus on these topics one of the ways that they get to this point? Let us know what you think.

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