What’s in a name? The most popular names for headteachers and governors

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The Key

One of my colleagues often tells the tale of somebody calling out “Sue!” at a headteachers’ conference and half the room turning round in response.

By looking at everyone registered with either of The Key’s two services, we’ve produced Wordles of the 100 most popular names for headteachers and governors.

Did your name make the list? Have a look and see…





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  1. RDK 17th October 2014

    An interesting comparison would be word clouds of the names of “middle class parents aged between 40 & 60”.

    • Hannah Durno – Director of research and content 17th October 2014

      Indeed! Unfortunately at The Key we don’t have a data set on that…

    • Simon 23rd October 2014

      Why would that be relevant?

  2. Hannah Durno – Director of research and content 23rd October 2014

    I assumed that RDK was referring to the wordle of the most popular governor names, and considering what it suggests about the make up of governing bodies. We’ve seen quite a lot of media interest in this topic recently, especially following the publication of this report by the University of Bath and the NGA: http://www.inspiringgovernors.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/The_State_of_School_Governing_in_England_Report.pdf

  3. Mik 30th October 2014

    What would be more interesting would be to factor in the figures for each name as a proportion of total numbers in the UK population and also to look at the age profile.

    But then maybe there are more useful things to do?…….,,,,

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