10 things we learned about school leaders in 2014

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There were more than 150 posts published on Key insights in 2014. Here are a few things we learned about school leaders during the year.

  1. The most common name for headteachers using our service is Sarah100-most-popular-headteacher-names
  2. Members in schools rated ‘outstanding’ are more interested than those in other schools in articles on recruiting senior leaders
  3. Headteachers and deputies have different ‘brains‘ headteacher-brain
  4. School leaders read our article on the new SEND code of practice more than any other
  5. Our survey found more than half of school leaders have a poor work-life balanceblog_infographic_work_life_june2014
  6. There’s no such thing as a typical day for a school business manager
  7. Over three-quarters of school leaders in our survey have dealt with mental health issues among pupils
  8. School leaders read more about Ofsted and inspection than about assessment, parents, or governors1 in 7 of all article views on The Key for School Leaders are across these four areas
  9. Ofsted is also what keeps our headteachers up at nightwhat-keeps-headteachers-up-at-night-infographic
  10. Eight out of ten school leaders in our survey feel sector morale has worsened since 2010

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  1. governingmatters 26th January 2015

    When you talk about school “leaders” you should include governors too as they are part of the school leadership too.

  2. Nathan Easey – Data and insight manager 26th January 2015

    Absolutely, I don’t think you’d find anyone at The Key who doesn’t recognise the importance of successful school governance in running a school. But with our two services, The Key does draw a distinction between the operational day-to-day leadership of the school staff, and the non-executive, strategic oversight role of governors. This is primarily why The Key has two services, to deliver the different types of support that each group often requires. The Key for School Governors supports the head, governors and clerk and The Key for School Leaders supports the head and school staff with leadership responsibility.

    These ten insights are all based specifically on data from members of The Key for School Leaders service – both survey responses and their website usage. But we’ve generated some equally fascinating insights from how our governor members have used The Key for School Governors. I’ll try to do a dedicated post to those too, perhaps!

    • governingmatters 27th January 2015

      I take your point. My reason for mentioning this was that people do forget that governors are school leaders. Even Ofsted judges us as part of the leadership. And you’re right about day to day and strategic leadership. I think a better term may be management. That is something the head and SLT do, not the GB.

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