The biggest questions of last term

The Key

Over the Easter break we crunched the numbers on which of The Key’s resources were accessed the most by school leaders and governors over the spring term. Here are the top ten articles on each service for January, February and March:

School Leaders

blue1Statutory policies and documents (includes a downloadable KeyDoc)

blue2School funding for 2016 to 2017: what will change?

blue3Conducting a work scrutiny: guidance and templates

(includes 2 downloadable KeyDocs and our associate education experts’ top tips)

blue4Lesson observation form based on the Ofsted framework (includes a downloadable KeyDoc and a short video)

blue5Pupil questionnaires: the quality of teaching and learning (includes 5 downloadable KeyDocs)

blue6Moderation of teacher assessment: proformas and guidance (includes 3 downloadable KeyDocs)

blue7Key Stage 1 and 2 teacher assessments in 2016 (includes a teaching school case study)

blue8Key Stage 2 SATs in 2016 (includes a short video)

blue9Sample self-evaluation form (SEF): primary (includes 4 downloadable KeyDocs)

blue10SEN provision: annual planning (includes a downloadable KeyDoc)

School Governors

purple1Questions from Ofsted for governors (includes a downloadable KeyDoc and 2 short videos)

purple2School governors’ year planner (includes a downloadable KeyDoc)

purple3Need-to-know alert: new regulations on governor DBS checks and federation governance

purple4Preparing for meetings in the spring term 2016 (now updated for the summer term)

purple5KeyDoc: preparing for Ofsted checklist (includes a downloadable KeyDoc and a short video)

purple620 key questions for governing bodies (includes a downloadable KeyDoc)

purple7Funds and freebies: termly highlights

purple8The Prevent duty: governors’ role (includes a downloadable KeyDoc)

purple9Need-to-know alert: DfE releases new financial efficiency metric tool for schools

purple10Headteacher’s report to governors: guidance and examples (includes 2 downloadable KeyDocs)

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