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Vikkey Chaffe
Vikkey Chaffe
Hello! It’s Vikkey again - creator of Primary School Leaders and its sister groups, and Community Manager at The Key.

Hot topics this week: Wellbeing

I have been incredibly saddened by how many posts we have had about Headteachers struggling with their own wellbeing. As leaders, we are always looking at how we can support our staff and maintain their well being, but do we sometimes forget our own?

There is so much that we are constantly thinking of, with pupils and staff being top priority but we rarely think of ourselves and what we need to do to balance our own well being. Delegation where possible, ensuring meetings are useful and purposeful as opposed to just counting time, and ensuring you praise yourself when you have achieved something, just as you would staff and children are just a few things that may help.

It is equally important to have regular meetings with your Chair of Governors because they want the best version of you to support their school. Teaming up with another head, or joining our group, just so you are able to get things off your chest, is important and naturally beneficial. Remember, you are a priority too.

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