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Vikkey Chaffe
Vikkey Chaffe
With pay rises, pension increases and cuts to budgets, this week we are looking into what schools are doing to keep their heads above water...

A rural school that I visited were in the fantastic position of actually increasing their numbers on roll, but here lies the problem – as with most small schools they are exactly that, small.

They are unable to expand without an extension and where do you get the money for that? Bids have gone but to no avail. So this school had looked to their PTA where they naturally became very creative and started to raise the money themselves.

Members on Primary School Governors have been asking the same questions, where some very imaginative answers were given…

Crowdfunding, Parent contributions and even corporate sponsorship were just some of the suggestions. One school was even able to install solar panels thanks to crowdfunding! Another school looked to sell their old resources to other schools – books and valuable learning materials that were no longer used were not only taking up precious space but were holding value within them.

So even in these dark times there is light at the end of the tunnel and a little creativity goes a long way! 

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