Managing Behaviour – updates from the Facebook groups

Vikkey Chaffe
Vikkey Chaffe
This week the blog looks at our five part Q&A series with Steve Russell from Beyond Behaviour, based around managing behaviour in schools.

Last week we were joined by Professional & Personal Development Consultant & Coach at Beyond Behaviour, Steve Russell, answering questions submitted by members of our Facebook group, Primary School Leaders. We hope you enjoy and find them useful.



Part 1 – How do we apply behaviour management to a complex set of pupils with different needs, patterns and backgrounds? 


Part 2 – Understanding developmental growth using a ‘behaviour wall’


Part 3 – Questions from the group: What is a good strategy to use for oppositional children? We can’t ignore them because they are hurting themselves and others.


Part 4 – Questions from the group: My main problem is playtimes….every day I have upsets or falling out, sometimes resulting in fighting. Then the children all tell tales on each other and it takes ages to sort resulting in a lot of lost learning time. How can I sort out the issues efficiently without wasting so much time?


Part 5 – Self esteem and self-destructive behaviour




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