Primary School Leaders Q&A with Anita Devi, education consultant and trainer specialising in SEND

Recently, the members of Primary School Leaders had the opportunity to get their questions answered by Anita Devi on how to best support SEND children in their school. Check out the answers to the questions below, plus two never before seen bonus videos!

Question 1

How can I make sure that interventions don’t take away from other parts of the curriculum?

Question 2

How do I evidence ‘good’ progress for children on an Individual Provision Map?

Question 3

What are your thoughts on the 2019 EIF and SEND?

Question 4

How do you respond to a parent who is requesting one-to-one support?

Question 5

How do you record or track the progress of SEND pupils?

Bonus question:

What would you include in a case study for a SEND pupil?

Second bonus question

How do you track the non-academic progress of SEND pupils?

If you would like any further information on the support that Anita can give, please visit her website at:


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