Key Voices #44 – Developing teaching and learning across a trust with Alan Eathorne and Stef Edwards

This week we talk to Alan Eathorne, Headteacher, Husbands Bosworth CofE Primary School, and Stef Edwards, Trust Leader, Learn Academy Trust about how they have worked to build a collaborative culture and develop research informed practice.

We discuss how the trust has built relationships, capacity and ways of working across a group of 10 primary schools.

This podcast has been created in partnership with The Teacher Development Trust and is part of a series of interviews with school leaders who are working to develop great teaching.

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  1. Jacquelyn Young 8th December 2019

    Some useful ideas shared here-thank you. The actual podcast could be edited as it takes a little time to get going and quite a few pauses in it.

  2. Tom Clark 12th December 2019

    Thank you for your feedback, we are always looking to improve Key Voices and are very keen to hear from our listeners.

    There were a few pauses in this one – sorry about that. This was our first attempt at recording a podcast remotely – something we are hoping to do a lot more of so we can showcase expert voices from across the country.

    Your comments are really helpful, and we’ll take these on board for next time. Thanks for taking the time to tell us what you think!

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