Key Voices #67 – What impact will Covid-19 have on the teaching profession? with Dr Becky Allen

“This contrast between the experience of the head and experience of the rest of the teaching body has really become so polarised during lockdown. And it really is a worry what will happen for school leadership in the near future.”

This week we talk to Dr Becky Allen, Co-Founder of Teacher Tapp. She explains what Teacher Tapp data reveals about the likely impact Covid-19 will have on the teaching profession. In particular, we look at the different levels of stress and workload experienced by teachers and leaders, and the very real danger of a significant number of headteachers leaving the profession altogether. 

We delve into Becky’s book, The Teacher Gap, covering issues such as recruitment, workload, CPD and retention, and consider questions such as ‘should we train teachers in the UK as we train doctors’ and ‘do we set NQTs up to fail’? 

Becky also shares many of the recent insights Teacher Tapp has been able to gather about remote learning, including what schools are providing and the factors that affect engagement levels. Finally, from her own perspective as a parent, Becky reflects on how remote learning might work more effectively.

You can find out how to sign up for Teacher Tapp here.

You can read Becky’s blog on Parental Load Theory here.

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