Key Voices #78 – How have schools coped with COVID-19? with Edurio

"When you are dealing with emotional uncertainty between the DfE guidance and the staff you are responsible for, you become a sponge of emotion.”

This week we talk to Ernest Jenavs, Founder of Edurio, and Nicola West Jones, Head of Market Research at The Key who joins us to share some of the insights she has picked up from her conversations with school leaders over the last 6 months.

Our conversation covers findings from Edurio’s survey of pupils, parents and staff conducted over the summer, looking into how English schools responded to COVID-19. This research sought to better understand the experiences of these three groups, when it comes to learning, community, leadership and wellbeing during partial school closure,and to help schools learn for the future. We dig into topics like pupil anxiety, the role of parents in education and the challenges faced by school leaders. We also shine a light on the great work many schools have done to communicate frequently and honestly with their communities.

You can read Edurio’s report in full here.

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