Key Voices #85 – Combining teaching with parenthood with Emma Sheppard

The Key
“I think the confidence gap [when women return to work or are negotiating flexible working etc.] is real and it's exacerbated when you are sleep deprived and think you are going insane because you can’t remember the word for a highlighter.” 

This week we talk to Emma Sheppard founder of the Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher Project. Emma tells me about why she set up the project, and its mission to empower teachers to engage with professional development while on parental leave if they want to. 

Emma talks about how it can be challenging to sustain a career as a teacher while also being a parent and that workload and work-life balance are important factors. We also consider the continued existence of a gender pay gap in education and what could be to done to make sure we reach equality around childcare responsibilities. 

We also discuss the progress on flexible working in education, and Emma shares some very practical advice on how to make solutions-focussed flexible working requests. 

You can learn more about the work of the Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher Project here

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