Key Voices #88 – Teacher wellbeing and self-care with Adrian Bethune and Dr Emma Kell

The Key

“Wellbeing is not a ‘one size fits all’ thing, it’s about meeting people where they are at. It’s not about saying, this is how you should live...or slapping people on the wrists for working late at night.”

This week we talk to Adrian Bethune and Dr Emma Kell about their new book A Little Guide for Teachers: Teacher Wellbeing and Self-care.  They share their ideas about how to put learning about wellbeing into practical action including having difficult conversations with yourself and other people. We consider the different aspects of wellbeing and the need for everyone to take a personalised approach. 

We talk about why individual action is important because system-wide change happens slowly and ultimately, individuals make up the system they work in. We also discuss how important it is for school leaders to role model healthy behaviours if they want to truly support staff with their own wellbeing. We close with Emma and Adrian’s tips for keeping morale high during the long winter term, and some positive hopes for the future. 

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