Key Voices #89 – Talking to young people about social media with Rubbi Bhogal- Wood

The Key

“It’s about cultivating a conversation where they can understand the deeper relationship they are developing with social media, and the impact it’s having on them, their brain development, their attention, their relationships, their creativity.” 

This week we talk to social media educator Rubbi Bhogal-Wood. Rubbi explains her approach to working with young people to help them navigate social media with clarity, intention and purpose. We reflect on why it can be hard for teachers and parents to support young people when we have our own issues with social media and the tech evolves so rapidly. 

Rubbi shares some of the insights she has gathered from her conversations with pupils about how and why they use social media. She expresses concern that some children don’t feel they can talk to trusted adults about what they are seeing online. She stresses that teachers and parents have all the right instincts to help young people but would often benefit from arming themselves with some more knowledge of the platforms. 

We also consider whether children are having different experiences on social media in the current situation, where almost all of our interactions now take place online.  Finally, we think about the ways in which parents, pupils and schools can work together more effectively to make sure young people can control their use of social media. 

Rubbi mentions some useful resources from the NSPCC and Vodafone during this podcast.  You can also find out more about the work Rubbi does here

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