Key Voices #91 – Teaching, learning and moving up the ladder with Jo Jukes

“It is hard work but it is so worth it.” 

This week I talk to Jo Jukes, Trust Curriculum Research Lead at The Education Alliance Academy Trust.  Jo tells me about her 20 years in teaching and how adopting an evidence-informed approach to teaching has made a difference to her. She candidly describes a time she felt less happy and confident professionally and what that was like.  We also talk about trust leadership, performance management and remote learning. We end with  Jo sharing her thoughts about why teaching is such a brilliant profession. 

We discuss: 
  • Jo’s career and the different leadership roles she has had 
  • What it is like to perform a trust-wide role and how she has been supporting trust colleagues with research during COVID-19 
  • How she learnt more about applying evidence to her practice
  • A time when she felt her teaching style was at odds with the commonly held idea of Ofsted “outstanding” and how that made her feel
  • Her blog about why applying business theory to performance management doesn’t work in teaching 
  • What she is observing from her experiences of remote learning 
  • Why she thinks teaching is the best job in the world 

“Try not to move up the ladder really, really quickly … I am a leader who really understands what it’s like to be a teacher working 22 hours a week.” 

“If anybody ever wants a job where one single phone call can throw your day out of the window then pastoral and year leadership is it!” 

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