Key Voices #95 – Practical advice for meeting the new RSE requirements with Josie Rayner-Wells

“Every school should feel like a really welcome, safe and inclusive space for everybody that is within it, and if an area feels contentious, that’s because that area should be spoken about the most...We can’t step back, we need to step forward with some of these challenges.”

This week we talk to Josie Rayner-Wells, National RSHE advisor, about the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)  requirements that came into effect in September 2020 but that schools still might be working to respond to. Josie gives very practical advice about how to consult parents, pupils and staff on RSE and move their provision on. Reassuringly she explains how schools that feel stuck in their progress on parental consultation can use remote methods to their advantage and take some more creative and potentially fruitful approaches.

We talk about: 
  • Josie’s hugely varied experience working and training on RSE
  • Why new guidance and legislation is necessary 
  • The important focus on relationships and health in the new guidance
  • Why consultation is a “need-to-do”, not a “nice-to-do” 
  • Practical ways to address concerns staff might have about teaching sensitive material and how to make sure staff understand how the school’s policy supports them 
  • How to do effective remote parental consultation and why it is important to talk to parents early in the process 
  • How to collect meaningful feedback from pupils 
  • The responsibilities of governors and how they can support during this process 
  • Practical strategies to support staff when they teach these topics
  • How RSE fits into your school’s wider values and ethos
Josie mentions a resource called Everything you need to teach effective RSE during the podcast. You can find out more about it here or by emailing [email protected]

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