Key Voices #97 – Finding out what parents are thinking with Karen Wespieser MBE from Parent Ping

“There has been a huge evidence gap - I think policymakers and the journalists who report on that policy, are so often skewed by their own experiences. If they are a parent, they take their parental experiences to be THE parental experience.” 

This week we talk to Karen Wespieser MBE, Chief Operating Officer at Parent Ping and Teacher Tapp. Karen talks about the Parent Ping app, why it matters to collect survey information from parents and some of the findings to date. We also hear a little bit about Teacher Tapp’s growing international work. 

We discuss:
  • The Parent Ping model and the benefits of daily polling especially during a period of such rapid change 
  • Why it matters in policymaking and education to have parents’ voices heard 
  • What they are uncovering about how different types of parents feel about things, particularly how parents, who are also teachers, behave
  • The learnings about parental communication emerging from the pandemic 
  • Some of their more lighthearted findings
  • Teacher Tapp’s international work

You can find out more about Parent Ping and how to sign up here

The blogs we mention in this week’s podcast can be found here.

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