Key Voices #99 – Challenges and opportunities of remote teacher training and development with Oxfordshire Teaching School Alliance and Oxfordshire Teacher training

“Often in a classroom environment trainee teachers were having to deal with lots of things at once, behaviour management, explanation, modelling activities, assessing, questioning 1-2-1 work. What is brilliant about the online world is you can split some of those things out.”

This week we talk to Adam Arnell, Director, Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance, Patrick Garton, Director Oxfordshire Teacher Training and Robbie Haddock, Associate Teacher. We discuss how their teacher training and CPD have had to adapt to provide a compelling remote offer. We consider the ways in which teachers training this year have benefited as well as some of the challenges they have faced. We look forward to the introduction of the Early Career Framework and think about how schools might want to prepare for it.

We talk about: 
  • How Oxford Teaching Schools Alliance have developed to provide remote CPD 
  • What it is like to be an associate teacher this year including how remote tools and practices can actually allow you to focus on and hone specific aspects of practice, in a way that can be more difficult in a traditional classroom setting 
  • How being an associate teacher this year means there are a wealth of online CPD and networking opportunities that you can tap into
  • How working with children in their own homes can make you more aware of the issues they are dealing with 
  • How those going into their NQT year in September may have to complete that recruitment remotely 
  • The importance of being in the right school for you during your time as an NQT including what questions you should ask at interview
  • What schools need to think about with the forthcoming adoption of the Early Career Framework 
  • How a good NQT experience will be a crucial part of retaining this year’s cohort. 

The list of questions for NQT’s choosing the right school to do their induction can be found here

You can register for the National Virtual Recruitment Fair that Adam is organising on the 4th March here

Robbie’s blog is here 

“There’s lots of brilliant stuff going on, it's quite inspiring in lots of respects - seeing the flexibility and determination... And it proves what an exciting, enjoyable and rewarding career it is. If you can be relaxed enough about the roller coaster ride, come and join us! … And look after those that have come in because we want them to stay.” 

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