Key Voices #100 – Priorities for action in education and youth with Loic Menzies

“Rather than trying to come up with a mock-up of a normal result...we should drop the pretence and think what are we actually going to do for that cohort of young people and how do we make sure we match them to the correct pathway.” 

This week, in our 100th episode of the podcast,  we talk to Loic Menzies, CEO, Centre for Education and Youth (CFEY). We look back on Loic’s time creating and building the organisation as work begins around appointing his successor. We think about what has changed and shifted in education during the 12 years he has been running CFEY and look ahead to the forthcoming publication of his book “Young People on the Margins: Priorities for Action in Education and Youth”. We also consider what is needed to make sure all children and young people get the best start in life. 

We talk about:  

  • How the CFEY began and how it has developed over time
  • What a “think and action tank” actually does and the impact their work has had 
  • What has changed in education over the past 12 years 
  • The focus of their work on young people on the margins 
  • How Loic feels the wider services that used to support schools have been stripped away, leaving a “hollowed out” system
  • The way that integrated action is needed to fully understand and address pupil vulnerability and child poverty 
  • The importance of young people’s voice to the work of the CFEY and suggestions of ways schools can harness pupil voice 
  • What should happen with this year’s exams 
  • If I made Loic an all-powerful Minister of Education and Youth, what would he do? 

You can learn more about the work of the CFEY here and their search for a new CEO here

The Youth Social Action Toolkit Loic mentions can be found here

The Primary Schools Careers resources Loic mentions can be found here

You can pre-order your copy of Young People on the Margins: Priorities for Action in Education and Youth here. You can save 20% by using the offer code (FLY21).

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