Key Voices #122 – ‘Equality, diversity and inclusion among school staff’ with Edurio

“When we can be ourselves at work, we’ll do our best”

This week we talk to Iona Jackson, Head of Research at Edurio and Amy Ferguson, Deputy Headteacher of an Independent Special School. We discuss Edurio’s recent research report on Equality, diversity and inclusion among school staff. Iona tells us about the report’s main findings and Amy shares her reflections, and suggestions as to what schools can do practically to become more inclusive.  

We talk about: 
  • What the terms equality, diversity and inclusion actually mean 
  • The main findings of the report: notably how less than half  of respondents felt their school was diverse and that white staff, men and staff without a disability reported feeling more confident that staff are treated equally than their peers
  • The impact that bias, either conscious or unconscious, can have in schools 
  • How to close the perception gap between a leadership team who feels they are adequately addressing equality, diversity and inclusion, and a staff that feel differently 
  • The importance of involving staff and getting honest feedback from staff in relation to equality and diversity 
  • The evolving nature of equality, diversity and inclusion at work 
  • How to address some of the issues around hidden difference

You can download Edurio’s report here 

Amy mentions the work of the following organisations who provide further support: Diverse Educators, BAMEed and LGBTed

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