Key Voices #114 – The future of remote governance

“We need guidelines that help us maintain a balance [of remote and non- remote governors], not guidelines that stem us from moving into new technologies.” 

This week we speak to Shaun Paskin, Partnerships Manager for the Midlands at Governors for Schools, Linda Unternahrer, Lead Content Editor at The Key and Gulshan Kayembe, Education Consultant about remote governance. We discuss what we have all learned from doing governance remotely during the pandemic and think about how going forward, a blended approach might actually allow those involved with governance to innovate and fulfil their roles more effectively. 

We talk about: 
  • The roles and responsibilities of governors and wide range of complex issues they get involved with 
  • The importance of governors understanding a school’s context and being able to talk to pupils and staff to better triangulate what they hear from the leadership team
  • How governors can work collectively to enable some governors to carry out their role remotely 
  • How specific roles, such as safeguarding link governor or Chair are better carried out by governors that can easily visit the school 
  • Remote governance as a good way to increase diversity on governing bodies and can make it easier for everyone’s voice to be heard 
  • How remote meetings are a more accessible way for governors to observe meetings at other schools and share best practice 
  • As an increasing proportion embrace remote technology for work now and in the future, governors shouldn’t shy away from using remote means 

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