Key Voices #117 Launching an academy trust during a pandemic, part 3 with TEAM Education Trust

“What we are proudest of is not that everybody nodded all the way along and said ‘Oh yes I’ll do that, whatever you want’, what they’ve actually come back with is ‘I think we can do this better’.” 

This week we speak to Sarah Baker, CEO, Alison Bingham, Director of Development and Rachel Watson, Associate Principal and Director of Education and Achievement from TEAM Education Trust, in the final instalment of our series of podcasts covering their first year as a trust. We talk about what they feel they have learned and achieved,  their plans for further development and Sarah shares her top tips for first time CEO’s. 

We talk about: 
  • The resilience and adaptability of their staff during the pandemic
  • How proud they are of what has been achieved this year 
  • What their first year as a trust might have looked like without challenges raised by COVID-19 
  • The importance of building strong relationships across a trust 
  • What Sarah has learned in her first year as a CEO, including delegation and trying to let go of her inner perfectionist 
  • The importance of work-life balance for all staff, especially for the central team as role models for the other staff 
  • How to work towards becoming an employer of choice 
  • TEAM Education Trust's CPLD programme 

You can learn more about TEAM Education Trust  and its work here 

“Link in with networks, get out there! Meet other people doing your role and expose your team to other central team leaders out there, because it really does give you an idea of what’s happening and what the current landscape looks like... As a CEO it will really help your thinking reflections and support when you are thinking about where to go next.”

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