Key Voices #125 – Lessons in leadership with Diana Osagie

“My primary mistake was I genuinely thought that I could be omnipotent- all-powerful, omniscient - all-knowing and omnipresent - everywhere all at once… I genuinely thought that was what you did as a headteacher… I assumed some warped idea of ‘phenomenal leadership’... My mistake was thinking I could do everything and I was soon disabused of this!” 

This week we talk to Diana Osagie, ex-headteacher, coach and leadership specialist . We talk about Diana’s experiences of headship and the work she is doing to support female leaders thrive.  Finally, Diana shares some super practical advice for new headteachers and the governing bodies supporting them.  We talk about:

  • The fact that no-one teaches school leaders to be leaders
  • Some of the lessons Diana learned from her time in headship
  • Diana’s thoughts about why and how women lead differently 
  • The power of coaching 
  • Covid-19 and how to manage and empower your team in a crisis 
  • Very practical advice for new heads 
  • How governors can support new headteachers 

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You can learn more about Diana and her work here 

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