Key Voices #126 – Wellbeing, curriculum and flexibility with Kat Howard

“We were having training sessions for teachers on how to take care of wellbeing, but then, crazy feedback policies existing... with some schools expecting 24-hour turn around marking. It sounds like catastrophising but it was very much something that was happening in schools.”

This week we talk to Kat Howard, Head of Professional Learning at David Ross Education Trust Teaching School Hub,  Author and Founder of Litdrive. We talk about some of the key themes of Kat’s books: Stop Talking About Wellbeing and Symbiosis. We also talk about some of the lessons that can be learned from remote learning for both teaching and flexibility in schools, and how to have meaningful conversations about curriculum development. 

We talk about: 
  • Why we should stop talking about wellbeing
  • Some of Kat’s observations coming from another sector outside education 
  • The opportunities the pandemic has presented to do things differently such as;
    • Engaging in more CPD
    • Collaborating more easily
    • Working more flexibly
    • Using remote learning as a chance to watch other teachers and really honing in on certain aspects of teaching
  • Kat’s approach to blogging and writing books 
  • How Kat chose to use time while on maternity leave to participate in and deliver CPD
  • The vital role curriculum can play in engaging pupils and staff
  • How to have successful curriculum conversations 
  • Adapting your curriculum to support catch up 

Here is the blog Kat mentioned about how she writes books and blogs

You can learn more about Litdrive, the organisation Kat founded, here

You can learn more about the Maternity Paternity Teacher Project here or listen to the Key Voices episode with its founder here  

“It's about making that connection between wellbeing and how teachers feel about being in work every day. But, actually, the biggest vehicle we have in order to make people feel a real sense of fulfilment in schools is using the curriculum to do so.”

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