Key Voices #128 – A spotlight on the Early years with Dr Helen Edwards from Tapestry

“Staff in the Early Years are incredibly motivated and incredibly resilient and there have been many changes over the years...We very often just welcome all the new stuff with open arms, adapt our provision accordingly and just get on with the job because, it sounds very cliched, but we work in Early Years because we really love working with young children and their families. There’s a very special buzz and positivity around Early Years.” 

This week we talk to Dr Helen Edwards, Co-Founder of Tapestry about changes happening in the Early Years (the new Early Years Framework and updated Development Matters). Helen shares some really useful tips for governors visiting the EYFS. We also reflect on the impact of the pandemic and the opportunity it presented for those working in the early years to embrace technology, particularly as a way to maintain the connection between their setting and home, and consider what the future might look like. 

We talk about:
  • The changes to the EYFS Framework, Development Matters and Early Learning Goals and what these mean in practice
  • How to be a curious governor when visiting the EYFS and some good questions to ask
  • Some of the ways in which settings and Edtech providers had to adapt during the pandemic
  • The importance of achieving a balance around use of technology in the Early Years and balancing the workload associated with recording and reporting 
  • The role EdTech can play in CPD, especially in a nursery setting where there will be limited time and budget
  • What is special about working in the Early Years 

You can learn more about Tapestry here

“You can make judgements based on your knowledge of the children instead ... it kind of took a hold in Early Years that everyone was ticking statements and making assessments that didn’t really have very much impact, if I’m perfectly honest, on how children were learning and developing.”

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