Key Voices #130 – The role of technology in teaching reading with Bentley Church of England Primary School

“This is finally something that we can’t do as teachers or human beings that AI can help us within the classroom....It aids us, backs up teacher perspectives and allows us to identify the things that children are stuck on. This technology can actually look at how a child reads when they are reading silently.”

This week we talk to Katy Pinchess, Headteacher at Bentley Church of England Primary School about her school’s approach to reading. Katy shares how they have used a digital tool (Lexplore) that uses artificial intelligence and eye-tracking technology to dig further into exactly what children find challenging about reading. We also talk about other ways in which Katy has built a strong reading culture at her school, discuss briefly her recent experience of an Ofsted inspection and hear her observations of how pupils are adjusting to being back in school. 

We talk about: 
  • Reading as a focus across the school 
  • What using the digital tool adds to the school’s approach to teaching reading 
  • How administering reading assessments works and how the results are used to support pupils progress 
  • The school’s context and the importance of reading across the curriculum 
  • How using the digital tool has supported parental engagement with reading
  • The impact of Covid-19 on pupil’s academic resilience
  • How the team at Bentley have applied a ’back to basics’ approach this term to support pupils back into the classroom. 

You can learn more about Bentley Church of England Primary School here 

More information about Lexplore is available here

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