Key Voices #139 Getting into governance with Governors for Schools

“I have critical thinking skills. I like to see decisions and recommendations based on strong research and collaboration. I think I bring an inquisitiveness to my governing board, I don’t take things for granted. I will question something I want to know more about.”

This week we talk to Hannah Stolton, Chief Executive at Governors for Schools and Nisadha Bandhara, Chair of Governors at Webster Primary School in Manchester. We discuss what makes a good governor, trends in governor recruitment and Nisadha’s own experience taking over the chair at her school. Hannah and Nisadha also share advice for prospective governors and make the case for volunteering. 

We talk about:  
  • The work of Governors for Schools 
  • Nisadha’s experiences of governor recruitment and becoming Chair of a Single Academy Trust 
  • Governors for Schools’ new ‘All Pupils Every Ambition’ campaign 
  • The skills Nisadha has brought to the role and what she has learned from being a governor 
  • The kinds of skills governing boards are looking for in new recruits 
  • How Covid-19 has impacted governor recruitment 
  • The benefits and challenges of remote governance 
  • Advice from prospective governors 

You can see some of the work going on at Webster Primary on their instagram page here

You can sign up to Governors for Schools Webinars here and learn more about the ‘All Pupils Every Ambition’ campaign here

“A lot of the joy of being a governor is actually being in the school doing the monitoring visits and seeing the impact. So I think there is a balance to strike between having meetings online so we have the flexibility, but also how do we keep people really engaged?”

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