Key Voices #138 – ‘Doing’ behaviour in a way that works for you with Adele Bates

“Because I was trying to be someone else for behaviour’s sake, the kids saw right through it and if you work with young people from alternative provisions they will tell you in four letter words what they think of it. In the same way, I have colleagues who are really cool and do fist pumps and high fives… but when I do that I sound like Julie Andrews trying to be Ali G.” 

This week speak to Adele Bates, behaviour and education specialist, keynote speaker and author. We talk about her ideas around behaviour and her new book ‘Miss, I don’t give a s**t: Engaging with challenging behaviour in schools.’  Adele talks about the importance of finding your own authentic way to ‘do’ behaviour, shares a range of tools and techniques for those working in schools to add to their “toolbox” and considers some powerful ways schools can develop their whole school behaviour policy. 

We talk about: 
  • Adele’s surprisingly long and varied teaching career 
  • Why Adele decided to focus on behaviour and her work in alternative provision 
  • Adele’s advice for being authentic in your approach to managing behaviour 
  • Why Adele wrote her book and the thinking behind its eye-catching title 
  • How Adele got to understand some of the reasons behaviour can become a barrier to learning 
  • The difference between a behaviour policy on paper and understanding how it works in practice, and the need to involve all stakeholders in drafting a policy 
  • The importance of senior leaders hearing pupil voice and understanding the experience of pupils who struggle with their behaviour 
  • Some practical tips for managing difficult classes 

You can learn more about Adele’s work here 

“I felt I had the potential here to give a different perspective and a different voice to behaviour and to say to teachers and teaching staff ‘how do you do behaviour?’  We don’t all do behaviour in the same way.”

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