Key Voices #121 – Review of the year with The Key

“[School leaders] didn’t really care as much what the DfE was saying or what Ofsted was saying, to put it bluntly. What they wanted to know was “what are other schools like me doing?”…. We were helping people keep on top of the guidance of course, but we were also acting like a magnifying glass, and finding those schools that were doing things that were creative, innovative or just different, and lifting them up.”

This week we talk to Kaley Foran, Lead Content Editor and Nicola West-Jones, Head of Market Research at The Key. We talk about the continuing challenges thrown up by COVID-19 and how schools have been tackling them, as well as thinking about what issues are on the horizon. We also consider how different governance has been during another extraordinary period for schools. 

We talk about: 
  • Learnings from lockdown 
  • School leaders’ impressive ability to make the right decisions for their pupils and their communities 
  • The changing role of the DfE against a potentially more confident and empowered generation of school leaders
  • Focus topics for September: preparing for Ofsted, addressing sexism and sexual abuse in schools, wellbeing, curriculum and CPD
  • The experience for governors in this period of largely remote meetings 
  • The future of school funding
  • Some of the findings from our recent survey on schools’ plans for catch-up activity

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