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What our members are saying about us

  • The Key helped us to get outstanding in our Ofsted... The Key is kept so up to date, unlike any other info out there.

    Rosie Mirecki, Headteacher, Elm Hall Primary School, Essex
  • The Key gives me the information I need in straightforward language.

    Diana Ashton, Governor, Potley Hill Primary School, Hampshire
  • What would busy headteachers do without The Key? – It doesn't bear thinking about!

    Eileen Paul, Headteacher, St Alphonsus' RC Primary School, Middlesbrough
  • The Key gives me reassurance... If you cannot find exactly what you need, you can ask a question and receive a well-researched tailored response.

    Helena Makowski, Head of Department, Langley Grammar School, Slough
  • If I’m thinking of implementing something new or writing a policy, I look on The Key... It’s useful to see what other people are doing, rather than starting with a blank sheet.

    Joy Denning, Headteacher, St Catherine’s Junior School, Leicester
  • The Key for School Governors is the most fantastic resource I’ve come across in 20 years of governorship.

    Ian Wallace, Chair of Governors, Thingwall Primary School, Wirral
  • Successful school leadership is not about knowing all the answers, it is about knowing where to look for the answers – and in this The Key is invaluable.

    Peter Kent, Headteacher, Lawrence Sheriff School, Warwickshire
  • I am very impressed with The Key. The speed and thoroughness of the response to my question was brilliant.

    Vicki Cole, Headteacher, Ellwood Primary School, Gloucestershire
  • I am in danger of becoming addicted to The Key for School Governors! To say I find it helpful would be an understatement.

    Julie Grieve, Chair of Governors, Ridgeway Middle School, Worcestershire

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