Our theory of change

We believe real change happens when education leaders can take meaningful action.

The knowledge to act


The pace of change in education means there is no shortage of theory, opinion and advice on what leaders need to do and what they need to know. Leaders themselves have never been under more pressure to be effective or had less time to plan, prioritise and learn.

In a world like this, ambitious and aspiring educational leaders are in constant need of reliable, relevant and authoritative knowledge that’s ready to use.

Our vision & mission

In the eleven years since our founding as a government pilot, we’ve grown into a can-do collective of experts, writers, researchers and technologists who are deeply committed to serving the needs and championing the perspective of leaders across the UK.

Our vision is to be an indispensable partner by providing you with consistently outstanding value. Our mission is to give education leaders the knowledge to act.

What services does The Key provide?

The Key for School Leaders

Authoritative knowledge for school leaders who are making a difference. Anytime, anywhere.

The Key for School Governors

Governance know-how to help you make a difference to your school.

CPD Toolkit

Eliminate the hassle and expense of sending staff to external training courses

Compliance Tracker

The easier, more efficient way to track and monitor your school's compliance.

Safeguarding Training Centre

Keep your pupils safe with effective and reliable staff training

Online platform solutions

The Key has merged with WebBased, a leading provider of online platform solutions that help organisations work more effectively and save money.

Who are we?

The Key is the country’s most trusted provider of knowledge and know-how to education leaders determined to make a difference. We provide authoritative, up-to-the-minute sector intelligence, tools, services and resources that give leaders the knowledge to act.


Careers at The Key

The Key could be your opportunity to make a profound difference to the working lives of 100,000 school leaders and governors, and others across the education sector. We are a team of socially conscious, passionate people, who are all motivated to do something incredible.

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We believe that real change only happens when education leaders are empowered to take meaningful action.

We are The Key

We give leaders in education the knowledge to act.