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10 things you never knew schools had to think about...

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We know school leaders are facing a whole host of challenges every day, from juggling national policy changes and budget pressures to ensuring they keep staff wellbeing and morale high.

But what are the lesser known tasks that might cross a school leader’s desk on a Monday morning? From the questions we have received for over 10 years here at The Key we can reveal some of the more unexpected answers school leaders have been searching for. From how to deal with brazen foxes entering school buildings to handling relationships between parents and teachers - many school leaders tell us that no two days are ever the same.

So, to bring a little bit of cheer following an eventful week, here’s 10 of the more surprising challenges that schools have come to us with over the last 10 years…

1. How can you deal with a 'brazen' fox on the school site?



2. Should parents sign disclaimers before parents' races on sports day?


3. What should schools consider when doing dissections in science lessons?

4. What can we do if a parent approaches a member of staff to go on a date?



5. Can schools keep pet albino hedgehogs?


6. Is there a liability waiver for zumba classes for staff?

7. Can our pupils put alcohol in the Christmas pudding they are making?


8. Can the parent teacher association (PTA) control a building (aka 'a glorified shed') on the school site? 


9. How can we deal with dive bombing seagulls on the school playground?

10. Do ice creams and lollies have to be 50% fruit if served at lunch time?



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