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A day in the life of... Content Editor Stephanie Glenister

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What attracted you to joining The Key?

I’m passionate about providing better outcomes for children, which is the end goal here at The Key. I love writing for the education sector and empowering schools to make a difference.  

Two of the biggest pulls for me during the application process were:

  • People clearly love what they do here
  • They're all about the smartest and most effective way to do it

What’s your role at The Key? And what does a typical day look like for you?

I’m a Content Editor. A ‘typical’ day (if any day since March 2020 can be called typical!) begins with a quick team call, where our delivery manager orchestrates the daily priorities to make sure that editors and sub-editors are working in productive harmony. We make sure content lands with schools before they need it. 

I’ll then work on a brief that’s come my way through our fortnightly delivery cycle, breaking up the day by answering a couple of questions about our content that have come through from schools. I might spend the afternoon updating content in my area of the site - each editor gets to specialise in at least one area of the sector, which is exciting! 

How have you found joining remotely?

It’s definitely not been the strangest thing that I’ve had to get used to this year! Seeing the team’s faces every morning really helps, and everyone’s been so welcoming - always more than happy to jump on a call to talk me through something. I feel it’s almost pushed me to make more of a ‘presence’ for myself in our team messaging channels to give people an idea of what I’m like! 

What have you enjoyed the most about working at The Key so far?

I’ve only been here a few months and I’ve already had the opportunity to find creative solutions to some of the most urgent and relevant issues facing the education sector, making our members’ lives just that little bit easier. 

I love how much I am trusted and respected within the team when making editorial decisions, and I find the feedback from the team motivating and useful.  

What has surprised you the most about working here?

I didn’t realise how much content I’d get to be in charge of so soon, and I love it. I was also surprised at how quickly everything I learned during induction fell into place and I started using the same lingo as the team, most of which had gone over my head during those first couple of weeks!

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