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An ABC for #NationalPoetryDay

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Able to write the alphabet and rhyme?

Be tricky, but I know I've got the time.

See, I love the way words forever can

Delight, I am simply their biggest fan,

Eternally in their debt, making such

Effort with all of them to do so much

Genial stuff, I find it hard to make

A choice as to which verbal route to take.

Iconic gems are the lexical quirks,

Japing and playing, I'm seeing what works.

Cadences measured, perfectly employed,

Element'ry methods always enjoyed!

Oh how I love to prise apart piece by

Piece each and every word, taking my

Cue to do so with no need at all to

Ask, it is a frightful shame to falter.

Esteem'd friend, you do already know how

Teachers tease out the poesy, but now

You think me to be only a prat'ler.

Venus bids you test your foresight at the

Double you see, for here at the blinking

Exit you are undoubtedly thinking

Why, he'll end the U.S. way instead,

Zebra perhaps? But no - here's what I've zaid.

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