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An update on the Exclusions Review

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Permanent exclusions only as a last resort

The report stresses the important that permanent exclusions (PE) are only used as a last resort and there are many things that schools should exhaust before a permanent exclusion is even on the table.

It states:

85% of all mainstream schools not expelling a single child in 2016/17 but 0.2% of schools having expelled more than 10 pupils in the same year.

DfE report

As you would have expected vulnerable groups are most likely to get excluded. 78% of all PE being administered to those who have SEN or classified as pupil premium children.

Rewarding schools which are doing well and holding to account those which aren't

The report states:

We expect school leaders to make sure all children are getting a good education, but we must equip them with the skills and capacity to do so. We need to reward schools which are doing this well and hold to account those who are not. Most importantly there must be safeguards in place for when things go wrong so that we can keep children on the path towards the successful future they all deserve.

DfE report

Ensuring school accountability for exclusions

The consultation said that one of its goals is to ensure that schools are accountable for the exclusions that they make. This will include having funding available for alternative provision. It also made some very promising statements:

Teachers do not take the decision to exclude lightly. Neither the review or the Government propose limiting the number of exclusions, with intervention aimed at supporting schools to use them effectively, while encouraging early intervention in support. The Government has confirmed that it will re-write guidance on managing behaviour and the circumstances when exclusions should be used. This will extend to the use of isolation units and support for those with SEND, to make sure they are used constructively, as outlined in Edward Timpson’s recommendations.

DfE report

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