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End of year wellbeing: How to show gratitude on a small budget.

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Free ways of showing appreciation 

There are a number of things that you can do for free that will make your staff feel appreciated and recognised.. One school I know has a ‘get out of school free card’. This is a voucher that has been made for each staff  member which they can use for one day out of school. Their class would be covered by the headteacher. This is just a note to show that you are really grateful for what they do, so much so that you will take on their class to give them a chance to recharge their batteries.

Another way is to write each member of staff a card/email where you thank them for something that they’ve done. Try to be as specific as possible to show that it’s not just a generic message. . Tell them what impact they have had on the pupils and encourage a member of the governing body to add their own thanks. 

What about a meeting with each individual telling them how amazing they are?. Thanking someone in person is often the most effective form of appreciation and encouragement.

Saying ‘thank you’ in small ways

One school leader I know buys all of her staff a lottery ticket/scratch card. It’s a low cost and fun alternative to a present, and a great way to show you wish them luck in the future.. 

Another idea is to have afternoon tea for all the staff on the last day of term. It’s a great way to socialise, say thank you and take a moment to appreciate each other. You could also consider personalised water bottles or travel mugs, items that can be used at school! 

What about tickets to a movie or even handmade cupcakes with ‘nice’ coffee would be great. Just an extra special token to show your appreciation.

If you have any of your own ideas to share, please do add them in the groups.

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