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Exploring teacher recruitment and retention in 100 seconds

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A 100-second video insight into the statistics around teacher recruitment and retention, plus a surprise finding from The Key's 2016 State of Education report.

Click here to read The Key's 2016 State of Education report

Around one-third of school leaders who use The Key do so for support with recruitment and retention and in the 2016 State of Education survey, more than six in ten said (62%) said they found recruiting and retaining teachers difficult to manage over the last twelve months. For additional information and guidance, school leaders may be interested in seeing The Key's article on staff retention or its articles on recruitment and induction (log-in required).

Below are the two charts featured in the video, both of which are based on data contained in the DfE's statistical collection on the size and characteristics of the schools' workforce in state-funded schools.

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