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Gavin Williamson appointed education secretary

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What can we expect from him?

Williamson has consistently supported the Conservative government's education policy, according to vote-tracking website 'They Work for You'.

He's voted with the government on school autonomy, academies and university tuition fees.

Williamson has historically voted against LGBT rights and equality, which may have implications for his ability to support schools as they implement a more LGBT-inclusive relationships and sex education curriculum.

As defence secretary, he commissioned a report on how a military ethos in schools can support pupils. The report hasn't been published yet, but Williamson has said that he believes a military ethos is good for pupils, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

During his leadership campaign, Boris Johnson said he would increase funding for schools, so funding is likely to be high on Williamson's priority list.

We'll update you when we have more information about the new secretary of state's plans for education.

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