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Leadership Wellbeing Q&A with Viv Grant

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Earlier this week we were joined by Leadership and Wellbeing Coach, Viv Grant, who answered questions submitted by members of our Facebook group, Primary School Leaders. We hope you enjoy and find them useful.

Question one:

I'm a new school leader who’s finding the stress of the role quite overwhelming and I’m experiencing a lot of self-doubt. Does it get any easier and what can I do to cope better with the demands of the role?


Question two.

How do Heads ensure that they aren’t swamped by parental complaints and demands It’s getting to the point where I have 2 or 3 wanting to see me every morning and then numerous phone calls during the day! I want to be approachable and proactive but I’m finding I have no time to do the job!


Question three:

How do you encourage staff to prioritise children’s mental well-being in a RI school which is desperately trying to get good results? I know a happy child will learn more but the fact the teacher isn’t teaching data orientated lessons makes them worry!!!


Our concluding statements and some very wise parting words from Viv!



Thank you all for taking the time to watch our videos. As ever, come and join our groups and leave your comments for us.

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