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Leading MIS provider acquired by The Key - June, 2018

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13 JUNE 2018, LONDON: The Key and ScholarPack – a cloud-based management information system (MIS) provider for primary schools – have joined forces to offer schools an easy to use MIS that ensures they comply with statutory regulations, are able to effectively manage their day-to-day data requirements and support improvements in standards.

Over the past few years, there has been a rising trend in schools moving to cloud-based systems like ScholarPack, that offer an array of time-saving solutions for busy school leaders. ScholarPack provides users with an easy-to-use system, including a wide breadth of functionality designed specifically for primary schools including assessment, interventions and communications.

Providing increased accessibility and security, the move to a cloud-based MIS system has also led to a significant reduction of spend required for third-party packages. Now, over 1,000 primary schools are working with ScholarPack to save time, work smarter and improve standards.

Speaking about the rise in demand for cloud-based systems in schools, Rich Harley, CEO of ScholarPack, said: “There is a clear and accelerating shift in the market from legacy to cloud and ScholarPack is driving this trend. The rate of switching amongst primary schools has more than doubled in five years and in 2017 alone, 701 schools switched MIS, compared to 280 in 2012.”

Adoption of cloud solutions to create efficiencies is a trend toward digitization seen in many other sectors.  With pinched budgets, increasing need for compliance and academisation shifting purchasing power, it’s a trend the education sector is prime to capitalize on.

Richard Jewell, COO, The Key, said: “There is an increased awareness amongst school leaders that change is possible, and as a result ScholarPack is growing faster than all of its competitors combined. Working together, we can provide unparalleled value to education leaders, freeing up capacity and helping them to focus on pupil outcomes.”

The move sees ScholarPack CEO, Rich Harley, joining The Key’s senior leadership team and continuing to run the company’s operations out of Lincoln. The Key and ScholarPack will work side-by-side to continue to offer valuable, time saving solutions to their members.



For more information or to speak to a member of The Key, contact Laura Scott on 0203 907 8076 or email [email protected]



Notes to editors:

About The Key:

  • The Key provides leadership and management support to 10,600 (or nearly half of) schools in England.
  • Our market-leading information services, professional development and online platform solutions help busy professionals work with increased confidence, knowledge and capacity.
  • At the heart of everything we do is a passionate commitment to helping organisations save time, work smarter and deliver better results for the communities they serve.
  • Our national information services, The Key for School Leaders and The Key for School Governors provide instant access to impartial information and guidance, practical resources and answers to questions on all aspects of school leadership and management.
  • Our CPD Toolkit provides everything schools need to run high-impact and cost-effective in-house training for teachers, leaders and support staff.
  • Every day we answer new questions from school leaders and governors, every week we visit schools and meet with those at the forefront of education, and every year there are over a million clicks on articles on our websites. These deep connections give us unparalleled insights into the concerns, trends and good practice in the sector.
  • With a professional, experienced in-house team and rich networks of associate experts and contacts, we have unrivalled expertise in all areas of our business.
  • Find out more about The Key at
  • Follow The Key on Twitter @TheKeySL


About ScholarPack 

  • ScholarPack, is a cloud based MIS (management information system) provider for primary schools, academies, free schools, MATs and local authorities.
  • ScholarPack’s easy-to-use, feature rich management system allows schools to make sense of their data and see what’s really going on. From attendance and assessments to accidents and incidents, ScholarPack helps schools record, manage and review everything that’s going on. This creates a smarter school, using data to make informed decisions.
  • ScholarPack was one of the first cloud based MIS providers and now, is growing faster than all of its competitors combined. In 2017, 348 primary schools switched to ScholarPack, taking the total number to over 1,000
  • ScholarPack has a market leading 99.5% retention rate. Once schools switch to the cloud, they don't want to go back
  • ScholarPack MIS is the core system. It’s designed to provide all the core features schools need to jump straight in to managing their data. ScholarPack Assessment provides an extensive range of powerful reporting tools and an easy-to-use markbook that gives great insights into what’s really going on in the school. ScholarPack Comms allows schools to communicate with parents and staff quickly and easily from one place.
  • Find out more about ScholarPack at
  • Follow ScholarPack on Twitter @scholarpack

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