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Life after levels: our most popular answers on the new curriculum and assessment without levels

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With the introduction of the new National Curriculum and the removal of levels, we've seen sustained interest in these topics from members of The Key for School Leaders. But what questions on these topics have been most on their minds? Here are the ten most viewed articles on our school leader website that look at the new curriculum or assessment without levels:


  1. Assessment without levels: what does it mean for schools?
  2. How can primary schools track pupil progress without using levels?
  3. How can primary schools set pupil progress objectives in 2014/15?
  4. How can we create a consistent whole-school assessment system?
  5. What are the differences between the pre- and post-2014 National Curriculum? (includes four downloadable KeyDocs: for English, science, mathematics and non-core subjects)
  6. Are there pupil assessment policies that reflect the removal of levels?
  7. Are there examples of curriculum maps for the primary curriculum?
  8. Are there any teaching and learning policies on the new curriculum?
  9. How much information should we publish about the curriculum?
  10. Can schools continue using National Curriculum levels?


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